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Instruct us to Collection Retentions

Glenwood are highly skilled and experienced when collecting retention payments.  Over the years we have successfully collected millions of pounds worth of retention across various scenarios. 


Our Account Directors are familiar with Construction Act legislation for retention under the old scheme pre 1st October 2011 where claims are dependent on issue of the Making Good Defects Certificate and post 1st October 2011 for the new scheme.  In the new retention scheme release has be de-linked from the main contract and a specific retention release date must be stipulated.

Why Glenwood?

We help sub-contractors improve their cash-flow by offering the following services.

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White-Label Collection Option

Our team can act on behalf of your brand and business to collect retentions. We use our professional letters, emails and calls to collect.

This is best for clients who are struggling to collect due to time or other constraints

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Debt Collection Option 

For when you are struggling to collect retentions our team can collect as Glenwood Debt Collection. 

This is best for clients who are struggling to get main-contractors to pay their retentions that are due.

Why Sub-Contractors despise Retentions

How we help our Clients manage Retentions and improve Cash Flow

Instruct us to Collect Retentions

We can collect on any retention that has passed its payment date. The sooner you instruct us to collect, the higher the chance of a successful collection, so do not wait!

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Information about your Rententions

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