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PR Plant - Client Testimonial for Construction Debt Recovery

When facing the daunting reality of an unpaid invoice that had ballooned to over £100,000 over six months, we knew we needed expert help. That's when we turned to Steven and the team at Glenwood Construction Debt Recovery. Their approach was not just professional, but also genuinely caring – they're just a nice bunch of people who are amazing to work with.

Initially, we considered going the legal route as advised by our lawyers, but Glenwood provided an alternative that was more conducive to our situation. Their guidance and efforts helped us avoid the full legal pathway, which not only saved us time and additional expenses but also stress.

The results speak for themselves.

Glenwood managed to recover £85,000 of our dues from a case that was 14 months overdue. The team worked tirelessly on our case, showing incredible dedication and skill.

Their success with our case led me to recommend Glenwood to a friend who, after receiving some advice from Steven, decided to use services as well. Seeing the relief and results they brought to our situation, I wouldn't hesitate to use Glenwood again – without a shadow of a doubt.

For anyone struggling with debt recovery, especially when considering legal action, I'd advise considering Glenwood first. Their ability to recover funds effectively, coupled with their personable approach, makes them an invaluable asset for any business facing similar challenges.

Mary from PR Plant




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