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Top FAQs About our 'No Win No Fee' Construction Debt Recovery Services

At Glenwood Construction Debt Recovery, we are committed to helping businesses recover outstanding debts with our risk-free 'No Win No Fee' policy. We understand that the debt recovery process can be complex, so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand how our services can benefit your business.

1. What does 'No Win No Fee' mean? Our 'No Win No Fee' model means you only pay for our services if we successfully recover your debt. There are no upfront costs or hidden fees, ensuring that you only pay for results.

2. How can a 'No Win No Fee' policy benefit my business? This policy minimises your financial risk and ensures that we are fully committed to recovering your debt. It allows you to pursue debt recovery without worrying about additional costs if the debt is not recovered.

3. Is there a catch with 'No Win No Fee'? No, there is no catch. Our interests are aligned with yours – we only get paid when we successfully recover your debt. This approach ensures that we work diligently to secure the best possible outcome for you.

4. Can you recover the costs of the debt recovery process from the debtor? Yes, whenever possible, we strive to recover not only the debt owed but also the costs associated with the recovery process. Our goal is to have these costs paid by the debtor, reducing your financial burden.

5. How long does the debt recovery process typically take? The time frame can vary depending on the specifics of each case, but generally, our recovery efforts yield results within 3-5 days!

6. What types of construction debts do you handle? We handle a wide range of construction-related debts, including unpaid invoices, retentions, and final account payments. Our team is well-versed in the unique challenges of the construction industry.

7. How do you approach communication with debtors? We maintain professional and respectful communication with debtors to facilitate a positive resolution. Our goal is to recover your debt while preserving business relationships whenever possible.

8. What information do I need to start the recovery process? To get started, we need details about the debt, such as the amount owed, the debtor’s contact information, and any relevant documentation like invoices or contracts.

9. What is your success rate for debt recovery? Our team boasts a high success rate due to our expertise and focused approach in the construction sector. Each case is unique, but we strive to recover as much as possible for our clients and have a success rate of over 95%!

10. How can I start working with Glenwood Construction Debt Recovery? Starting is simple! Contact us through our website or call us directly. We’ll guide you through an initial consultation to assess your situation and begin the recovery process.

Your financial health is our priority. If you have any more questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Steven Murray


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